Sports Storage

Golf Kit Sports Storage Services- Dubai, UAEWhat is Sports Storage?

It is storage solutions for sports people in Dubai to enable them to conveniently store all their sports equipments.

What Sports Equipments can be stored in Sports Storage?

  •  Kayak
  •  Fishing Tools
  •  Sail Boats
  •  Golf Kit
  •  Tennis Kit
  •  Jet Ski
  •  Bike
  •  Camping Gear

Jet Ski Water Sports Equipment Storage - Dubai, UAE

Why Sports Storage is for You?

  • House is not big enough to accomodate large or awkward-shaped sports equipments
  • Sports equipment is too valuable to be left in the back yard or balcony
  • Sports equipments are not sheltered from weather elements
  • Sports equipments don’t fit in the building lift

Kayak Boats Sports Storage Services - Dubai, UAE

MAC’s Sports Storage Features: 

  • MAC’S warehouses are located just minutes away from Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall, Jumeirah Beach & New Dubai neighbourhoods.
  • 365 days easy accesss
  • Constant CCTV surveillance
  • Security
  • Insurance
  • Convenient location
  • Monthly payment options