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Corporate Move Dubai UAE

In the business world, time is a valuable commodity. Moving your office does not have to be time-consuming or expensive for your business. With MAC, your business does not lose its edge against competitors because of drawn-out office relocations. Our team of corporate relocation experts will collaborate with you to form an intricate moving strategy for your office. Every detail is discussed, all furniture and equipment is itemized and an inventory sheet is created. At the new location, we will reconstruct the office equipment, furnishings, and stock to ensure that it i’s business as usual in no time.

Getting to the Move

With careful planning, a little foresight and plenty of professional care from our experienced team, you can rest assured that your move will be smooth from beginning to end. To help you prepare for the big day, we have outlined the entire process so you know exactly what is going on.

• Pre-move Survey/Assessment

MAC M & P Consultant(s) will first conduct a meeting with you to assess the most important needs.

• Setting the Day of Packing

MAC Consultant in-coordination with you, will formulate the dates of the move as per your requirements- keeping in mind the time required and volume estimated.

Remember to make provisions to take care of your valuable belongings such as bank documents, passports, tickets, credit cards, gold and jewellery, etc. before the packing crew arrives.

• The Packing Day

Our expert packing crew will start early on the packing day and with military precision will carry out designated tasks including wrapping, taping, boxing and crating. They will also ensure that there is minimum disruption to your normal life.

• Labeling

Using Labeling stickers on items and cartons helps our crew to effortlessly identify and facilitate exact unpacking and placement of your belongings at your new destination.

MAC is providing the Worldwide Door to Door services. Our professional staff will provide you with the perfect consultancy leading to your total satisfaction. MAC can offer you stress free removal and transportation needs.